Over The Counter Wart Removal

Over The Counter Wart Removal

Wart Be Gone! (Associated content)

Natural home remedies for the treatment and removal of unsightly warts.
Contributor: Nora Carver

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Removing Warts Using Dry Ice: Part Two

Questions and Answers

Please help. Question about wart removal?

Will it hurt to have my wart removed by a doctor? What will they do? And will there be ANY pain??
Also, i am using Compound W (one step invisible strips)- will they work or am i eventually going to have to go the the doctors.
The wort is on my hand. PLease help, and thank you.
It is a common wart (i know because it is easily reconized by the rough "cauliflower-like" apperance.)
And it is on my thumb, but not at the tip. It is very far down on my thumb, more near mt whole hand
and theres not alot of them.
Just one. One sigle wart.


I had warts when i was little, and it started with 1 little one on my hand… I tried every over the counter medicine and it would get down to the root and then grow back, and they were spreading. I was suppossed to get them frozen off but i wouldnt let a dr. Near them cuz i was terrified (i was like 10) and eventually had to get them lazered off a few years later. Aside from a few scars that never went away, i have been wart free now ever since even with a 30% (or something like that) chance of them returning. By the way, if your case should ever come down to the laser which i doubt it would, it didn''t hurt a bit, cuz i was completely under. I remember kicking and screaming and saying i didn''t want it, and then i woke up with my hands all bandaged and i''m like it''s done??? I didn''t come out of the anesthesia to well though, cuz i was shivering even with like 10 blankets on me, and i was really nauseous, but from what i hear that''s pretty typical. I couldn''t do anything with my hands for several weeks after that, which basically meant going to school while having a friend do the notes, and going home to have parents write out my homework, and my entertainment was pretty much limited to tv, lol…. I guess it wasn''t sooo bad, but i had to change the bandages a few times a day, and it was a bit painful, even with the meds but it wasn''t that bad….

Anyways, I don''t think my case is very typical though, so I doubt you would need to get the laser. First off warts are not caused by kissing frogs or anything stupid like that. It''s caused by a virus, but you can still get it from someone. However, your body has to already have the tendencies towards it. Basically you should be careful not to rub it and such to help prevent it spreading on you, but also be careful about sharing towels, etc. Just b/c someone touches it or a towel doesn''t mean they''re going to get it, but if they have the dna for it, they could get it.

In the meanwhile though, the compound w should work. However, as in my case, if you start seeing them spread, you should get to the doctors and ask about freezing them. If you freeze them off at only a few of them it should be successful, but if you allow them to spread more, they could easily multiply to 20 or more. I think I had about 50 removed, mainly on my hands, but many were smaller ones clumped together, so i never realized i had that many, but they do spread easily, so take care of it early if they do spread.

Also believe it or not banana peels are supposed to be a natural remedy. Just take the peel and rub it directly on the wart. There''s like some natural ingredient that works. I can''t tell you how many bananas we went through, lmao…. But i tried to do it too late to work for me, but with only 1 that could probably help you.

Good luck.

Wart removal question?

I have 2 small warts on the inside one my right ring finger. I''ve had one for a while now, and it hasn''t bothered me much, but I discovered this 2nd one last night. You can''t really see it yet, but you can feel it, it''s there.
So! What should I do, and about how much will it cost? I''d love it if you could be speaking from experience.
Please and thank you!


There are numerous ways to remove a wart (some methods being better than others; some being faster than others; some requiring the doctor to do it, rather than "at home" methods.) As a rule, most dermatologists elect to freeze a wart first, with liquid nitrogen. This is momentarily tender (it''s certainly not the worst pain ever), and causes a blister to form under the wart. When the blister heals up, it takes the wart with it. There are numerous over the counter acids (usually salicylic acid) that can be used on the warts, generally taking several days to weeks to be successful. Your dermatologist can also elect to burn them off using the electric needle. On stubborn warts, immunotherapy has even been used, but not very often. The method that you choose to get rid of the wart will determine the cost.

Wart removal, does duck tape work??

I was in class one day and my friend was like eewww whats on your finger, and i was REALLY EMBRASSED cuz i had a wart on my finger, so i looked on yahoo and one of the people said duck tape,
so my questions are,
has anyone done this?
Did it work?
If it didn''t work then what did?
Did the duck tape hurt?



I work for a derm office. Our doctors USUALLY will treat warts with freezing technique (that is very successful). They sometimes will recommend the duct tape method in conjunction with salicylic acid, which is noted below. Here are more wart treatment options for you.


1. Salicylic Acid: over-the-counter treatments contain salicylic acid. Treatment must be applied every day until the wart is gone, and could take weeks. In addition, the wart should be filed gently daily with an emery board to remove the dead surface of the wart.

2. Duct Tape: Another home remedy is to use duct tape every day until the wart is gone and this treatment could take weeks. A more complete description of duct tape treatment is provided below.

3. Physician Removal:

a. Freezing (Cryotherapy): your doctor may freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen. Treatment may be needed several times over several weeks.

B. Chemical – Cantharidin: your doctor can use to a chemical called cantharidin to remove the wart. The chemical will blister the wart, and the doctor will remove the dead skin of the wart at the next visit. If the wart is not gone, the doctor may apply another treatment of cantharidin.

C. Surgery: your doctor can surgically remove the wart. However, surgery can be painful and may leave a scar.

D. Laser Removal: if other treatments have been unsuccessful, then your doctor may remove the wart with laser surgery. Laser surgery is expensive, can be painful, and could leave a scar.

Even if the wart disappears with any of the above treatments, it may recur later.


A study by Dr. Dean Focht, reported in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (http://archpedi.ama-assn.org), found duct tape to be more effective than treatment with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen used to freeze warts).

Dr. Anthony J. Mancini, pediatric dermatologist at Children''s Memorial Hospital in Chicago uses duct-tape therapy for warts. In an interview with the American Academy of Dermatology consumer magazine, "Dermatology Insights," duct tape treatment was discussed by Dr. Mancini (www.aad.org):


Two theories were proposed as to why duct tape works:

1. Debrides (removes dead skin) from the wart, thereby gradually eliminating the wart virus that resides in the skin.

2. Occluding the wart with duct tape somehow gets the patient�s immune system activated to attack the wart virus.


There are various ways to use duct tape on warts:

1. Patients apply the duct tape to the wart, keep it in place for six or so days, then remove it, soak the wart, and pare it down with a filing (emory) board.

2. Apply over-the-counter salicylic acid wart remover liquid to the wart before bedtime. After letting it air dry for a minute or so, apply the duct tape over the wart, completely covering the area. Remove the duct tape the following morning. Each time they remove the tape, they are debriding some of the wart tissue. Repeat the application each night, until there is no remaining wart tissue.


1. The skin can become very macerated (red and soggy) under the duct tape. If this happens, then take a few nights to one week off of the treatment to let the area breathe and dry out, and then resume therapy.

As Dr. Mancini points out, duct tape treatment is a gradual process that takes time and commitment on the part of the patient. For more information see www.aad.org.